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Managing Partner

Barbara von Rohr

Dr. Barbara von Rohr is a Managing Partner at Schollmeyer&Steidl. Shortly after the founding of Schollmeyer&Steidl in 2006, she joined the founding team and together with them, she built the current company. After many years as Partner, she has been the Managing Partner since April 2022.

Dr. Barbara von Rohr studied law in Würzburg, Lausanne, Bonn and Kiel. She also completed her doctorate as a scholarship holder of the German research foundation “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft” in Kiel and at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, NY (USA).

Dr. Barbara von Rohr worked at Clifford Chance for almost 10 years with a focus on Corporate Law/M&A and later in Private Equity before deciding to pursue her current career.

This professional challenge which allows her to use her legal experience and at the same time focus on people as the driving force in an enterprise in her work as consultant and coach constitutes a setup she finds enriching every day.

Dr. Barbara von Rohr supports law firms throughout Germany in their search for partners and teams as well as in strategic decisions and merger/spin-off discussions.

Accordingly, she provides advice to partner candidates as well as to teams.